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Industrial Efficiency Policy Database

The KEP industrial efficiency policy databases provide information on industrial energy efficiency and green house gas (GHG) mitigation policies. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is the prime body in developing industrial energy efficiency policy suggestion to the policymaker.

This section contains recent press releases, presentations, case study and papers related to industrial efficiency policies and their effectiveness.


CategoryResourcePresented/Published inDate Published
PolicyDraft National Energy PolicyNITI Aayog, Government of India27 June 2017
PolicyReadiness of ESCerts MechanismBureau of Energy Efficiency22 May 2017
PolicyRegistration of Designated Consumers(DCs) with Registry for dealing in ESCertsPOSOCO22 May 2017
PolicyFamiliarization of ESCerts Trading ProcessBureau of Energy Efficiency22 May 2017
PolicyAchievements under PAT Cycle 1Bureau of Energy EfficiencyMay, 2017
PolicyMinistry of Power issued more than 38 Lakhs Energy Saving Certificates to industryMinistry of Power, GoI16 March, 2017
PolicyPAT Cycle 3- EC Norms and StandardMinistry of Power, GoI30 February, 2017
PolicyESCerts Final Procedures Central Electricity Regulation Commission14 February, 2017
PolicyArticle on Progress achieved under the Financing Initiative of BEEKEP Newsletter Issue 6, Special Edition-EnMSDecember, 2016
PolicyFinancing InitiatvesKEP Two Day National Workshop cum Exhibition for Promoting Energy Efficiency7 November, 2016
PolicyUpdate on Energy Saving CetificatesBureau of Energy Efficiency20 July, 2016
PolicySEC Targets for Railways under PAT Cycle - IIBureau of Energy Efficiency16 June, 2016
PolicyThe Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and Conditions for Dealing in Energy Savings Certificates) Regulations, 2016
Statement of Reasons
Central Electricity Regulation Commission30 May, 2016
PolicySEC Targets for Petroleum Refineries for PAT Cycle - IIBureau of Energy Efficiency12 May, 2016
PolicyEnergy Conservation Amendment Rules, 2016Ministry of Power, GoI31March, 2016
PolicyPAT Cycle 2- EC Norms & StandardsMinistry of Power, GoI31March, 2016
PolicyAdvisory for discharging the function of a Market Regulator for trading/exchange of ESCerts under PAT Scheme by CERCMinistry of Power, GoI5 January, 2016
PolicyDirection to POSOCO to discharge the function of Registry for trading/exchange of ESCerts under PAT SchemeMinistry of Power, GoI5 January, 2016
PolicyEnergy efficiency and technology upgradation in Small and Medium EnterprisesBureau of Energy Efficiency2 January, 2016
PolicyECBC and energy efficiency in existing buildingsBureau of Energy Efficiency31 December, 2015
PolicyGazette Notification of New Sectors (Zonal Railways, Petroleum Refineries and Electricity Distribution Companies) notified as Designated Consumers under Energy Conservation Act,2001Authority, Government of India29 December, 2015
PolicyOverview and Status of PAT SchemeBEE Workshop on ESCerts and PATNET Portal at New Delhi16 December, 2015
PolicyTrading of ESCerts on Power Exchange India LimitedBEE Workshop on ESCerts and PATNET Portal at New Delhi16 December, 2015
PolicyWalk through of DC Dashboard on PATNet PortalBEE Workshop on ESCerts and PATNET Portal at New Delhi16 December, 2015
PolicyTrading of ESCerts on IEXBEE Workshop on ESCerts and PATNET Portal at New Delhi16 December, 2015
PolicyPresentation on ESCerts-Update and next stepsBEE Workshop BEE Workshop on ESCerts and PATNET Portal at New Delhi16 December, 2015
PolicyDeepening & Widening of PAT Scheme and Provisions of EC Act Applicable to DCsBEE Workshop 20 October, 2015
PolicyAmendments in PAT Rules and Cycle II –The Next Step ForwardBEE Workshop at Pune16 October, 2015
PolicyCo-processing of wastes in cement kiln by Shri P K Gupta, Joint Director, CPCB
KEP- Policy Round table on Use of SPL in cement Co-processing21 September, 2015
PolicyPAT Textile Sector by Dr. Ashok Kumar, Energy Economist, BEEKEP- Round table on promoting resource efficiency in Textile Sector17 September, 2015
PolicyESCerts Trading – PAT Scheme by Shri Girja Shankar, Asst. Energy Economist, BEEKEP- Policy Round table on ESCerts Trading6 August, 2015
PolicyMonitoring and Verification under the PAT Scheme by Mr. S Vikash RanjanKEP- First Sector Workshop - Cement23 June, 2015
PolicyMonitoring & Verifications guidelines -Aluminium Sector by Shri S Vikash Ranjan, Technical Expert, GIZKEP- First Sector Workshop- Aluminium
24 April, 2015
PolicyPerform Achieve &Trade (PAT) Scheme Looking Back and Way ForwardKEP- Launch Workshop26 February, 2015