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International Technologies and Best Practices

KEP also promotes sharing of international best practices and technologies in industrial productivity and energy efficiency which have been tested and successfully adopted globally and have the potential for replication in India. To ensure effective dissemination and uptake by the industry, KEP will facilitate partnerships for technology transfer, capacity building and sustained hand holding support by service providers.

The industries seeks new and innovative approaches available at the international level in energy efficiency and energy management systems, which can help them reach next level of efficiency. The competitiveness of Indian industries in the global market depends on technology currently in use relative to the technology available globally.


The key planned activities to promote sharing of international best practices are listed here:

  • Technology identification
  • Technology shortlisting and ratification by SLGs and industry associations
  • Finalizing, ratified and relevant technology options and share with the industry through SLGs and forum of industry associations.
  • Identify experts in financing, technology supply and services, for identified list of technologies.
  • Interlinking industry association with technology providers and promote technology partnership between industry and technology suppliers
  • Sensitize and make industries aware on new technology systems and mechanisms through workshops, webinars and exposure visits to demonstrated technology sites.
  • Facilitate training and capacity building support through technology suppliers for adoption of international best practices.