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The Ministry of Power, Government of India issued PAT 2nd Cycle notification in which  Refinery sector has been included as a new sector. Total 18 refineries feature in this list with their baseline and target energy performance data.

This section contains best practices adopted by Refinery industry sector, the case studies and presentations from KEP workshops and National Energy Conservation Awards, NECA, are listed here.

Resource Name: Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Gujarat Refinery

Abstract: Best practices adopted to improve energy efficiency of the plant viz. Installation of additional row of tubes in convection section of CRU NHT furnaces (21F1/21F2) for increased heat recovery and reduction in stack temperature, reduction of CGP-2 Deaerator operating pressure from 1.4 to 0.8 kg/cm2-g, stoppage of motor driven air blower in SRU and operating single BPT HP-LP based air blower for energy savings, rectification of CCRU debutanizer reboiler desuperheater for savings MPS loss, and stoppage of reformate splitter in MSQU resulting in 5.5 Gcal/hr steam savings.

Published by: Presented by Mr. Harish SVS, Process Manager, IOCL Gujarat Refinery

Resource: Case study by IOCL Gujarat Refinery


Resource Name: Improvement opportunities in Electrical Utilities in Refinery Sector

Abstract: The presentation covered energy conservation in refineries- the challenges and potential areas in motive equipment viz. optimising efficiencies of cooling water pumps, compressed air systems, process pumps and process compressors. It also captures challenges in continuous process plants with cogeneration systems.

Published by: Presented by Mr. R. Paraman, Director, Devki Energy Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Resource:  Improvement opportunities in Electrical Utilities in Refinery sector


Resource Name: Energy conservation through High Efficiency Motors in Refinery sector

Abstract: It captures the benefit of using energy efficient motors and latest developments in Indian Standards. As per the Quality control order by Government
of India, minimum energy performance standards for line operated 3phase induction motors in India shall be IE2 class applicable from 01st Oct 2017.

Published by: Presented by Mr. Lokesh Sharma, Associate, International Copper Association India

Resource: Energy conservation through High Efficiency Motors