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Sector Learning Groups

The Knowledge Exchange Platform in line with its mandate has also constituted Sector Learnings Groups (SLG) for each PAT sector. The SLGs have representation of professionals from Industry association, sector leaders and technical experts. With the help of SLGs, KEP maps innovative, new and cutting edge technologies for each sector, help expand the network of experts within each sector and develop strategy to promote peer to peer learning, outreach and rapid uptake of best practices and new technologies.

The genesis of SLG lies in the fact that there is a wide variation in the specific energy consumption (SEC) figures across industrial units within a sector. Narrowing this down by helping the lagging industrial units is one of the major challenges being attempted under the PAT scheme.

The SLG  act like an advisory group on sectorial issues for the KEP initiative. The SLGs meet at regular intervals in cooperation with Bureau of Energy Efficiency and IIP to provide strategic inputs to the project activities under the platform. The SLG members function with a focused and guided approach to make Industrial sectors efficient and resilient.

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