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Service Package for Advancing Resource Conservation (SPARC)

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in partnership with Institute of Industrial Productivity (IIP) has established a Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) to promote transfer and uptake of best practices and technologies in industries covered under the Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme. An Action plan released by Secretary, Ministry of Power and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between BEE and IIP provides the framework for action and guides the overall strategy under KEP.

As PAT moves in to the subsequent cycles of implementation, the targets for energy efficiency are expected to become more challenging, with the need to (i) build the capacity of the industry, particularly at the plant level, to handle the operational and technical aspects of implementing new energy efficient technologies and approaches, (ii) enhance the knowledge of the industry on cutting edge innovative technologies, and (iii) provide hand holding support to implementation of energy management practices.

Building on the success of KEP, it is proposed to introduce a package of advisory and information services aimed to address the specific needs as highlighted above and to guide the Indian industry to a more energy efficient and environment friendly growth trajectory.

What is SPARC?

SPARC is a membership driven package of services offered on an annual Membership fee of INR Five Lakhs (plus Service Tax/ GST) under the KEP umbrella. The exclusive ‘Value Added Services’ being offered under this model has been carefully designed and developed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the industry for implementing better energy management services in general and the PAT scheme in particular, covering the following specific services:

• Free in plant capacity building and training services

• Free enrolment for the preparatory training program for National Certification Examination for Energy Managers and Auditor

• Free advisory services (query-based) on technical issues related to energy efficiency

• Free subscription of the KEP Newsletter

Benefits to the members

Free In plant capacity building and training services:

KEP would organise customised practical energy audit training and capacity building program at the plant level for the SPARC Members. The main objective of the training programme will be to familiarize the participants in the techniques, methodology, and approach of in-house energy audits, where depending on the requirement it would cover:

• Two day capacity building and training services organised once a year covering engineers, supervisors and operators, in English and Hindi languages, handling the utility services such as boilers, furnaces, air compressors, fans, refrigeration, cooling towers and pumps, at the plant site on a mutually convenient date and time.

• Facilitating organisation of Small Group Activity (SGA) for identification and implementation of energy efficiency measures at unit/ operational level

The training program will be scheduled and drawn up jointly in consultation between the plant and the KEP Secretariat, wherein KEP will bring in resource persons for the training, while the Industry will cover the organisation cost, air travel (economy class), local travel and stay arrangements of the resource persons, as required. Each Member will be entitled to one such event every year.

Free enrolment for preparatory training program for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors Exam:

SPARC Members would be entitled to free enrolment of two employees of their plant for 5 days Preparatory training program for the National Certification Examination for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors conducted by BEE. KEP will organise training program for the Energy Managers and Energy Auditors exam, which will provide the aspiring professionals an understanding of the syllabus, sample papers and guide them to prepare better for the exam. This training program will be conducted once in a year in Delhi. Each SPARC member will be entitled to free enrolment of two employees. Additional employees can be nominated by paying a fee of INR 15,000 per participant. Lunch and tea/coffee will be served to the trainees during the program along with preparatory material in a pen drive.

Free advisory services (query-based) on technical issues related to energy efficiency

Each Member will be entitled to ten queries every year on specific problems/ information related to energy efficiency. It may be noted that queries which are of trouble shooting nature cannot be entertained under this.

KEP Newsletter

Members will enjoy free subscription to the Quarterly KEP e-Newsletter covering the following topics.

• Detailed analytical case studies in best practices adopted by industry

• Latest energy-efficient retrofits/ equipments

• Current trends and developments in energy efficiency

• Showcase of the achievements of members in the field of energy efficiency

Modality of availing services

The services of SPARC can be availed by paying the following annual membership fee INR Five Lakhs (plus Service Tax/ GST) for large industries covered or likely to be covered under PAT. Building Sector, such as Hotels and Hospitals will also be considered for enrolment under SPARC.

The services under SPARC can be enrolled by contacting the KEP Secretariat/ IIP India Office.

Future benefits to members

KEP plans to broaden the range of services being offered under SPARC in future. Depending on the success and based on Members feedback, KEP would consider adding the following additional services from 2018 onwards;

•  Walk through Energy Audit of the plant.

•  Finance Facilitation for implementing energy efficient technologies.

•  Training modules on environment management.

• Participation in international exposure visits.

Click here to download the SPARC brochure and Registration form.